Rolfing has been an incredible experience because of all the things that I’ve learned. I’m a competitive athlete and numerous nagging injuries had started to slow me down, but Rolfing allowed me to get healthy again for the first time in over two years. My posture has dramatically improved, and I find that everyday stress no longer finds its way into my neck and shoulders. I’m also able to breathe more deeply than ever before-what a great feeling! Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

I first saw Lilah after two different doctors were unable to relieve the pain in my lower leg and ankle. After the first appointment with her, I knew I’d come to the right place. Not only was Lilah able to ease the pain, but she gave me a ton of information about posture and body mechanics that helped me get back to work and stay mobile. Based on that, I decided to sign up for the ten session series of structural integration treatments.

I was good-to-go for about five years. Then I injured my back and, once again, Lilah came to my rescue. Knowing I was in pain, she worked me into her schedule and got me back on my feet right away.

It’s no surprise that a place which values health and well-being as much as Portland does is home to such a talented, experienced Rolfer as Lilah Wallach.

I was experiencing moderate pain in my neck, back and legs which was hindering my ability to hike, take yoga, even walk.  I was frustrated thinking I would never get better.

Lilah with her strong and intuitive hands released the painful blockages in my body which was creating the pain.  I’m on the road to reclaim my body again and engage in the physical activities that I enjoy.  I look forward to ongoing sessions with Lilah and freedom from physical pain and inflammation.

Lilah is one of the best Rolfers in town. She is very intuitive, does a thorough assessment, and works with just the right pressure. The results are immediately noticeable and lasting. Her background in dance helps when working with those in that field. She understands how the body works and how to make adjustments, and gives exercises to assist in the healing process. I highly recommend her!

Lilah is an expert Rolfer that has worked on my various back and hip-disorders for over six years. During this time i have achieved improvement in posture and gait, as well as a virtual elimination of chronic pain due to arthritis of the hip and neck. She has worked diligently to not only to achieve improvement in structural issues ( such as bad posture), but also to impart to the client the wisdom of the body in motion- the proper notions of how to walk in a proper, balanced way.

I have been fortunate to have had her as a Rolfer.