Frequently Asked Questions

Rarely. Rolfing can feel intense when I press deeply into a muscle or stretch old scar tissue. My intention is for you to feel a sensation of melting and lengthening under my hands. If it feels painful, I slow down or lighten my touch. Rolfing is a collaborative process between my hands and your nervous system. When the touch feels good, the nervous system allows the muscles to regain their length. If the touch feels bad or threatening, the muscles spasm and refuse to let go. The more deeply the body is able to relax and release tension, the more effective the Rolfing will be.

Most people have their sessions every week or every two weeks.

No. I recommend that people come in and have a session so they can see if it’s effective for the problems they have and if they feel comfortable working with me. A good way to try it is to have the first 1 or 3 sessions in the series, and make a decision to continue or not after that. I also offer single treatments to target specific areas.

Of these three, Rolfing is the only one that deals with changing the structural aberrations that cause pain. Massage therapy focuses on releasing muscle knots, increasing circulation, and decreasing stress via relaxation. Chiropractic uses thrust adjustments to get vertebrae and other bones back into alignment. However, if the soft tissues and fascia that surrounds the bones is out of balance, it will continue to pull the bones into incorrect alignment. Rolfing encourages proper alignment through balanced tissue tonus.

Yes, the changes that are created in your body during the Rolfing process have long lasting effects. During your series, you will be given body re-patterning and awareness exercises that will help you sit, work, and move more efficiently during the day. These reinforce the original work and help it to integrate into the body more effectively. The goal of Rolfing is to give you the tools you need to maintain a healthy, upright body. Those who enjoy receiving bodywork on an ongoing basis are welcome to keep coming in for sessions as needed.

Absolutely. Rolfing is gentle enough for both. Children’s treatments are much shorter in length and can be effective for early postural problems like pigeon toes, duck feet, scoliosis, etc. Seniors can benefit from better posture, increased flexibility and range of motion.

Unfortunately they do not at this time. I can provide receipts for reimbursement if needed.

Most people choose to wear their regular underwear; a bra and underwear for women and boxers or briefs for men. If this feels too revealing, shorts and a jogging bra can be worn instead. You will be covered by a sheet while on the table.