Rolfing works by accessing and strategically lengthening the connective tissue (fascia) in places where it has become short and is impeding optimal function. The Rolfer uses a small amount of salve (no lotion or oil) in order to get a good hold on the tissues being worked. Generally, the work is slow and progressive and the client is able to feel areas of constriction release as the work is being done. Most people find receiving Rolfing to be quite enjoyable and occasionally intense. The pressure is always given in the clients comfort zone.

Structural Integration has long lasting effects because the whole body is re-balanced and not just individual parts. The body’s structure becomes more upright and mobile so tension is not able to accumulate in the tissues as in the past. The Rolfing series is 10 to 13 sessions and most people receive them every week or every other week. Those interested in receiving Rolfing may try the first one or first three in the series without a commitment to finish all ten. Single sessions are available to treat problem areas.

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