How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

At a first session, I perform a thorough visual and hands-on postural assessment and health history. As I look at your posture while you walk and stand, I evaluate these general characteristics:

  1. Alignment of the major body parts. (Is there head to toe alignment? What has tilted or shifted out of place?)
  2. Balanced and functional motion across all joints. (Are all joints moving as they should? Where is tight myofascia restricting   movement?)
  3. Movement of energy in the body. (Is the body’s chi able to flow efficiently? Where is it stopped or stagnating?)

You are then invited to slip into a relaxed but aware state on a comfortable massage table. I use a slow, sustained pressure to help the myofascia (muscles and connective tissue) gradually unwind. Sometimes you will breathe deeply and make small movements to increase body awareness and facilitate the work. You will feel the muscles lengthen as it happens.

Structural Integration has long lasting effects because the whole body is rebalanced and not just individual parts. As the body becomes more upright and mobile tension is not able to accumulate as it has it the past. You will learn new ways of moving and using your body to enhance the effectiveness of the work.

Rolfing is ideally received in a series of 10 sessions in order to rebalance the whole body. Every week to two weeks is an ideal interval between sessions. Single sessions or “mini series” are available as needed to treat problem areas.